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Now taking requests

I am now open for requests.

I will take a max of 15 requests. I do not make blinkies, or headers, or really complicated icons. If I cannot fulfill your request, I will tell you and ask you to please make it a little easier.

YOU MUST BE SPECIFIC. Please be aware of the fact that I cannot always get the picture to 100x100. You must provide me with the link to the Picture, and to whatever brush you want used. At the spot where it says grid? you must put either yes or no. You must also do that in the area where it says outlint icon? and outline text?. I also must have to name of the font and where to download it. Here's the form to fill out:

Picture URL:
Brush URL/Brush type:
Font Name and URL:
Text Color:
Text effect:
Outline the icon?:
Outline text?:

You get mad, I ban you. Simple as that. I do not and will not ever tolerate rudeness or nasty comments or anything else of that nature. You don't like the icon I made, tough luck, just keep your comments to yourself. Got it? Good. Now, start requesting.
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